Teaching and Writing Dreams…


Growing up, I knew I was going to become a teacher. But that was not the only dream I chased… I also wanted to be a writer. A novelist to be exact.

My younger self would greedily sit at our family computer for hours, fingers flying across the keyboard. Stories just poured from my fingertips; ideas gathered from years  of burying myself in books would come to life, click clacking their way on to my computer screen.

Cozied up in my grandma’s over-loved rocking recliner chair, the world around me just seemed to fade away and I would just type, and type, and type…

Time passed, like it does. And I grew up and got busy. My love for writing slowed down…Shifting from writing stories about adventures and escaping to foreign countries I could only ever dream about, to writing essays about color symbolism in “The Scarlet Letter” and thesis papers about my educational philosophy.

And before long, I was teaching writing. Teaching my kiddos how to write about what they loved, about themselves and their experiences, to be creative and try out their hand with short stories. To choose words thoughtfully and lovingly. To learn how to use language to craftily send a message.

And while I may not be a professional novelist making millions while sitting on New York Time’s Best Seller list, I guess you say I accomplished my dreams- of being both a teacher and a writer.




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  1. I think a lot of us here can really connect with what you say. I like to tell my 6th graders about William Carlos Williams who was a poet in his off hours from being a doctor. He got to follow two passions, just like we do.

  2. Yes! You could definitely say you’ve achieved your dream of being a writer – AND a teacher! You put your heart and soul into everything you do, that has been more evident than ever this year! I’m sorry to say that I think your essays in school about symbolism, blah, blah, blah are probably what pushed the writer out of you…but only temporarily. 🙂

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