Lent Goals…



Every Ash Wednesday, I choose to give up something that may not be the easiest for me. I try to push myself to think about a guilty pleasure I have that maybe is not so great for me; this year I’ve chosen to give up chips.

In the past, I’ve given up a ton of things…Well, I’ve attempted to give up at least.
-Ice cream (my weakness).
-Salty things. Swearing.
-Pop (which was my biggest addiction at one point, and now, I can’t stand the stuff!)

This year I chose to not only give something up, but I always wanted to do something new. This year during Lent I hope to establish some new routines and to force myself to step out of my comfort zone.

A new routine I’m looking to establish? Packing my school lunch the night before. There is nothing I despise more than having to pack my lunch, and having to pack it in the morning just makes me hate it more. I’m always scrambling to try to get out of the house on time, and having to stop to not only think about what I’m going to have, but also get it ready, just adds unnecessary stress to my day.

I’m also choosing to work on my Target addiction because it is OUT OF CONTROL! The neighborhood I live in is directly across from the best Target ever. I drive past it multiple times a day and even though I try to mind my own business and ignore it, Target always seems to call my name and force me to enter its hallowed aisles of greatness. Annnnnnnnnd I was finding myself there multiple times a week. My bank account needs a break. So, just once a week is the goal. And boy, has that been hard!

And Finally, my goal is also to try something new….and this is where I am struggling. Lately, I feel as if my life has been in a rut. I do the same things, every single day which has made life a little monotonous. So I want to try something new, but I’m not quite what. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

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  1. For Lent i used to give something up and as i got older i realized i needed to shift my thinking to “giving something up for a time” (like chocolate) to making an actual change- which sounds exactly like what you’re shifting to do too! This year it is to work on not giving my first response or reaction if it’s negative. Taking a second, breathing, and letting my second reaction take control. It’s hard haha but I’ve gotten really good feedback from it so it’s working! I like your idea of trying something new- maybe you could try a new food or routine (workout/ yoga) A new recipe? Something fun but a healthy life style choice!

  2. Your comments about Target make me smile. I, too, used to live close to that temptation and would have to refrain from visiting too often. That “once-a-week limit” became my coping strategy, and it’s a good thing. I’ve relocated, and the nearest store is an hour away. Guess what? I hardly miss it!

  3. What if your something new is to cook a new meal once a week. Then you get to shop at Target with a purpose (groceries) AND you have a quick easy lunch the next day (leftovers). I love domesticate-me.com (serenagwolf on IG) All 5 of us devour her food!!!

  4. So happy Lent is going well with you.

    Lately, I’ve felt so overwhelmed, I don’t remember what I gave up.. usually it’s sweets or chocolate, but this year I decided it needed to be a mindset. The only problem is, my mind’s been overcrowded with things I need to do, including posting for SOLC! 🙂

    Last year, I had a wonderful, wonderful Lent that bled into the rest of the Spring and Summer, and I can see how God gave me that wonderful Spring and Summer to prepare for what was to come later..

    I’m hopeful, though. I’m stepping back in tomorrow. 🙂

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