Let’s Go Play The Sluts…



Whenever my grandmother is in town, we always try to plan a girls night- just her, my mom, and me.

Tonight was that night.

We decided to meet up for dinner and head to the casino, my grandma’s FAVORITE place in the whole wide world and a must each time she visited.

Dinner was great- girl talk, endless chips and salsa, yummy tacos, and half-priced margaritas that were making my eighty year old grandma a little tipsy. We laughed a lot, vented a little, and enjoyed each other’s company.

But, the thing about my grandma is, is that she can’t sit still for very long. She is always ready to move on to the next activity on her list- she can’t just sit, relax, and chat for awhile. And when she starts getting antsy and doesn’t immediately get her own way, her sassy side comes out. And my sassy, Polish, slightly tipsy grandmother can be a beast.

My mom and I began ignoring her many impatient demands to leave to go to the casino as we continued to carry on our conversation and finish our margaritas. Annoyed, she stood up and announced through the whole restaurant quite loudly in her decently thick polish accent:

“Enough. I want to go play the sluts. NOW!”

My mom and I stared at her for a good minute and just dissolved into laughter. The kind of gut wrenching laughter that left us with tears streaming down our faces and surrounding tables staring at us as if we were crazy. And my grandmother, not understanding why we were laughing began to get more agitated with us, and continued to announce that she wanted to “go play the sluts!”

So here we are…. Playing the sluts, or as we like to say, the slots.



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  1. Love it! My grandmother who was Russian had a ways with words herself, especially after a few cocktails. A memory that will bring laughter each time you think of the casino.

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