The Room Where It Happened…



I had never really been to the theater until I started teaching. My sixth grade team not only welcomed me into their little family, but turned me into a musical nerd as well. Bring It On and Finding Neverland. Phantom of the Oprah and Aladdin. Pretty Woman and Waitress. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Lightning Thief.

And Hamilton. Ohhhh Hamilton.

My nerdy, history loving self had wanted to see Hamilton since it hit the stage… I could not wait for the show to make its way to Chicago. But what I could wait for was ticket prices to decrease.

But they didn’t. And then one of my coworkers shared an app she downloaded, The Hamilton Lottery, that you could enter in everyday in hopes of winning $10 tickets.

For weeks, I religiously entered. And everyday, the same response, “Sorry, you didn’t win a chance to purchase tickets today. We hope you’ll be back” lit up my phone. Until one day, November 26th when that all changed.

On this cold, November morning during my school plan when my Hamilton Lottery notification went off. I didn’t get too excited, after all that ping usually meant nothing but disappointment. I walked over to my table to sit down and do some grading until my phone went off again. And I saw it.

I had won two tickets for Hamilton! Two tickets for HAMILTON!

After a quick freak out involving some jumping up and down and shouting, a run down to my friend’s classroom to invite her to join, and a quick two days later, and it was time. Time to see Hamilton.

And oh, it was the most amazing show. From the staging to costumes to casting to the nonstop rapping. Oh, the rapping… it was everything I had hoped it would be and more.

I finally got to be in the room where it happened!

I got to see Hamilton!



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  1. So cool! I love your description of the winning morning. I was cheering along with you, and I don’t even know you.:) Thanks for sharing. Happy writing and theater-going!

  2. I had to click on this post! How exciting to win tickets to Hamilton. And how fun to take a friend along! I love that your sixth graders turned you into a musical nerd.

  3. Yay! Love the theater and love this unexpected surprise! One of my all time favorites (although I will never forget Bring It On!!!!!)

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