Daily Archives: March 7, 2019

Sometimes You Just Need Your Mom…



My mom has always raised me to be independent. To be able to stand on my own feet and not have to rely on anyone for help. Asking for help is not easy for me- its a stab at my pride and I always want to make my mom proud.

But sometimes, you just need your mom.

You need her to…
-Go shopping for formal dresses and brand new furniture; she’s the only one who will be really honest with you.
-Hold your hand and pull you in for a hug when your heart is broken and torn to shreds. She’ll happily sit there to remind you of how wrong she thought this guy was to begin with… that you’re so much better off.
-Be your biggest cheerleader and not let you give up, no matter how hard or how stressful the situation may be- she knows in her gut that you’re going to be just fine.
-Let you vent. She will listen and always be on your side. No. Matter. What.
-Laugh with you. Scheme with you.
-Try new restaurants and maybe have one drink too many together.
-Spend too much money shopping, cry through sad movies, and just be together.

Sometimes, you just need your mom.

Like today.

After feeling under the weather the last week or so and a very emotional afternoon yesterday, I woke to feeling like junk. Headache. Sore throat. Dizziness. A wheezy chest with coughs that made my body shake. Aches and pains… I mean, clothing rubbing against your skin should not hurt.

The only thing I wanted to do after surviving the day was go home, lay on the couch, and sleep away this yuckiness. But a run to Walgreens would need to be had. I needed flu meds and 7-up. Kleenex and chicken noodles soup. Vicks and Tylenol.

And, since I live alone and my mom is a very long hour away, I would have to stop and shop myself. Go home alone to lay on my couch. And sip away on canned soup.

Her warm hugs wouldn’t be waiting to embrace me. Her soothing hands would not be waiting to place a cold cloth on my hot forehead. Her loving voice wouldn’t be there to coax me to sleep.

Adulting can be hard.

And sometimes…Sometimes you just need your mom.