Daily Archives: March 4, 2019

Bonus Day…



Today’s bonus day off has been just what I needed…

A perfect day for me to:

– Sleep in. I was supposed to meet friends for a 5am workout, but I have been under the weather for the last week and an extra few hours of sleep was just what I needed.

-Run errands. No Sunday crowd to battle at my local Mariano’s, no endless lines awaiting me at CostCo. I was in and out in record time…and man, did that feel good even if my bank account is crying a little at my unnecessary purchases that CostCo talked me into buying…

-Drag my self to the gym. I missed my 5am workout and had to face the gym all by myself. Legs and the stair climber…ugh. After not working out for a week, it was really hard to go back.

-Do laundry. An enormous pile of dirty clothes had been staring me down all weekend and this sick girl just did not have the energy to tackle such a task. So now, as I sit and write, my laundry is being done.

-Order my Paczki to prepare for Paczki day tomorrow! I cannot wait to splurge and enjoy my favorite kind, fresh strawberry, for Fat Tuesday.

-Sit on my couch and watch mindless TV. I’m currently catching up on grading sub work, cuddling with my cat, and enjoying the sun streaming through my patio doors (as I pretend its not -20 degrees outside), dreaming of spring weather.

-A little cleaning. I’m a clean freak. I hate clutter. Dust drives me nuts. And I like things to be “just so.” Just ask my students, they have to deal with me constantly straightening out their desks on a daily basis…they know how crazy I can be.

-Do nothing. Once I’m finished with folding laundry and catching up on school work, I plan to do absolutely, positively nothing. And that, that will be my favorite part of today.

Today’s bonus day has been JUST what I needed…