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“Lil Rocko…”



“MS. GEIJER, Ugggggh,” an exasperated H moaned while leaning over my back table, dramatically, arms askew.

“Um, are you okay?” I asked, trying to refrain from laughing at my VERY theatrical seventh grader.

“I just…I just really need to ask you a few questions,” H whined, not picking his head up to look me in the eyes.

“Of course! What’s up?” I asked.

Dramatic sigh. “Ms. Geijer, I just REALLY need a drink of water. And to go to the bathroom. And I need to go back to my locker. And I need you to look over my paper cus I don’t think it sounds right. So can I go?” H asked, finally making eye contact.

“Well, you WERE just at lunch. And you just came in to class from your locker. And I’m not sure that everything you just said was actually in the form of a question….”

“But PLEASE Ms. Geijer?! See what happened was…” H trailed off.

I eagerly leaned forward, elbows on the table, hands folded in front of me. I LOVE me a good “see what happened was” seventh grade story…

“Uh-huh?!” I asked, intrigued…”What happened?”

“Well, it’s a long story. Can I just go?”

“Okay, but under one condition….” I replied. “Its going to cost you. All of these questions on top of needing special permission to go back to your locker is going to be pretty pricey…”

“Okay, how much? I’m rich…I have a pet rock making business. I can afford it,” H said confidently.

“Four million dollars. I’ll have a formal receipt to you by the end of class. Payment is due immediately… And a throw in a pet rock! I’d love to promote your business.”

“I got you, Ms. Geijer,” H smiled and sauntered out of the classroom.

  • A few days later, payment was received:
  • A four million dollar check…IMG_4554 (1)
  • And a new classroom pet rock fondly named “Lil Rocko…”Image-1