I’m Baaaaaaack….


Each year, I feel that March creeps up on me without a whole lot of notice. All of the cold, gray days of January and February sliding into each another, one right after the next. It seems as if the dreary months will never end and then, before I know it, its March…

The emails start to fill my school email inbox… First, from Two Writing Teachers…”SOL is almost here! Don’t forget to sign up!” and then from teachers in the district. There are informational breakfasts to attends. Feedback to share to others. Quick check ins in the hallway and texts from friends all asking the same question, “Are you going to do it again this year?”

And each year, I sit and contemplate, “Should I do it again? Should I take this  year off?” and every year I find myself clicking on the emails, entering in my information, trying to remember my log in… And before I’ve realize it, I’ve clicked submit and entered myself into another Slice of Life challenge for the 5th year in a row.

So here I am. I’m baaaaaaack for round 5!

Slice Of Life

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