Daily Archives: March 12, 2018

Flooded with Bad Luck…


My luck, or lack thereof, is a running joke in my family. It always seems as if something is happening to me. And when it does, its usually not just one incident, its several.

Lately, my poor turn of luck has involved my beloved Jeep Patriot which I fondly call “Jeepy. He has had a rough few months. On Christmas Eve, he was hit by a ball of salt thrown from the back of a salt truck, shattering my windshield as I trekked to my sister’s house in the snow.  In January, poor Jeepy discovered he had a bad tire which has ruined the three other tires as well. He will need a tire transplant this spring. Then, he was rudely assaulted by a stranger’s car door, resulting in a nice ding and chip in the paint on the passenger side door.

I was hopeful that that would end the string of bad luck involving my vehicle, and it was, until I woke up one Tuesday morning two weeks ago…

I went about my normal morning routine and something inside me told me I had better look outside. I opened the curtains to see, to my disdain, that the lake my condo was sitting on had overflowed. The unseasonably warm weather, mixed with the endless rainstorm, had caused the 16 inches of snow from the previous week’s snowstorm, to melt, and drain into the lake. Creating a HUGE mess.

I ran outside…saying a silent prayer for my Jeep, which thankfully is higher up. As I walked down the steps to the parking lot, I was not so lucky. Black murky water snaked up past my rain boots quickly filling them with water, not stopping until it reached midthigh. I opened the door to my car and slid inside, hoping that the car would start.

Slowly, I reversed out of my parking space, long disappeared into the abyss of water, and moved to higher ground. I climbed back out to survey the damage- my car was working okay…the engine was fine, it didn’t seem to have taken on too much water. I then opened the doors and began looking closer…

Only to find that three to four inches of dirty water were now pervading through my car. Sigh. Out came the removable carpets. My gym shoes that were sitting on the floor of my car to wear to the gym later…those went to the trashcan. A school bag filled with mentor texts…no longer readable. Ruined.

Cupful after cupful of water was scooped from the car by a crying me.  Endless rags and towels used to soak up the mess. Two professional cleaning jobs. Four days drying out in my mom and step-dad’s heated garage, fans in place blowing 24 hours a day. Forced to rent a rental car…a little nugget of a car that did not make me feel safe. And only just this weekend, two weeks after the flooding, did my car finally finish drying out.

Sigh. I am just flooded with bad luck!

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