Daily Archives: March 11, 2018

My Favorite Day…


Sundays are my very favorite day…

Slow, sleepy wake ups… Snuggling under the covers as the sunlight trickles in through the curtains. No need to hurry…there’s no time crunch on Sundays.

Leisurely mornings… Sundays are the only day where I don’t have to work. I thoroughly enjoy lounging on my couch in my pajamas, surfing Netflix, cuddling with Frankie. There is no reason to hurry…no deadlines to meet today.

Afternoons for catch up… Lunches with friends. Cleaning up my house and running errands.  Forcing myself to go to the gym and then to brave the crowds at the grocery store. I don’t mind waiting in the never ending lines since there is no where I have to be.

Early evenings for mental prep… Getting laundry done for the week. Grading papers and finishing up lesson plans. Prepping lunch and dinner for the week to avoid eating out every night. Maybe I’ll make it to the gym more often this week.

Evenings are for relaxation… Unwinding with a good book on my couch, candles lit in the background, feeling caught up. A soak in a bubble bath, wine glass in hand. Feeling accomplished and ready to be lulled to sleep.

My Sundays may be a busy day, but they sure are my very favorite.