Daily Archives: March 7, 2018

Head of House…


My cat, Frankie, is clearly the head of our household. She makes the rules and I simply have to get on board or pay the price.

You would think my morning wake ups would be dictated by the shrill ringing of an alarm clock. And it does. But usually, Frankie has proceeded the alarm clock by a good 20 minutes or so. She starts creeping up the side of the bed, from her curled up position near my feet. Her head begins to nudge beneath my hand, begging to be petted and snuggled. When my quick pats don’t do the trick, her head is suddenly butting up against mine as she perches herself on top of my chest. “Fine Frankie, I’m up!”

Our routine in the morning is pretty standard. I peel myself out of bed, and trip over Frankie on my way to pour myself a cup of hot coffee. Haha NOT. Frankie demands to be fed right away…and before she can eat, she needs to enjoy some nice cold water. Cold water that she will ONLY drink from the bathroom sink. Seriously. If I don’t turn it on, I’m forced to listen to her pathetic cries until I just give in and give her what she wants…gosh is she spoiled!

Frankie has the run of the house while I am gone at school all day… She loves to spend her day doing cat things…laying around and sleeping, some light bird watching. This is, of course, after she has wreaked havoc through our home. Today’s antics: coming home to a candle she pushed off an end table…glass shattered everywhere amid gobs of yarn from a completely unraveled spool. Sometimes I think I should leave a camera recording to see what she is really doing while I’m away.

Since Frankie doesn’t drink water out of a bowl like a normal cat, she is impatiently waiting for me at the door, ready to be tripped over the second I walk in. I’d like to think she’s waiting for me because she missed me, but no… I’m pretty sure she just likes me for my ability to tun on the sink.

Once she has re-hydrated, we have a quick snuggle (one pet too much and her vampire teeth will be sinking into my arms), and then she’s running wild again. Tripping me here and there as I go about my evening- grading papers? Nope…she nudges them to the floor and proceeds to lay on them. Trying to type a slice? Neh… that keyboard makes a MUCH better place to nap. Trying to cook? If only Frankie realized how unsafe it is to walk over my stove.

Sigh. Its pretty obvious that I’m at her beck and call. What Frankie wants, Frankie gets.

She’s lucky she’s so cute…