Daily Archives: March 6, 2018

A Tale of a Tail…


I knew this day was coming. It was inevitable….

All the signs were there. Fall. Crisp, chilly mornings. Fields surrounding the school…

It happened one Monday morning…one that began the same as every other morning. Rushing around to get out the door, crawling through the never ending highway traffic, before finally walking through the door of classroom.

After quickly surveying the damage (I had been out for a PD meeting the Friday before), I quickly set my bag down on the ground near my desk and continued about prepping for my day.

Students came in a bit later…attendance was taken…the lesson started. When I realized that I needed something from my bag. Currently located near my desk…on the floor.

I reached down to grab a mentor text from my bag when I saw it. Out of the corner of my eye…just the tiniest little tip…

Of a tail.

A tail.

In my classroom.

A tail attached to a mouse….

In my classroom.

Now, not wanting to startle my classroom or get them off track, I had to swallow my screams and shrieks of disdain…


I proceeded to hop up and down, flapping my hands and arms as if I was a bird about to take flight (duh…must less distracting), rushing towards the call button to page the office immediately.

“Yes,” spoke the voice over the intercom. “Um…I need a custodian…immediately!” I spluttered tripping over my words in excitement (and not the good kind). “What do you need a custodian for?” “Umm…we have a bit of a…ummm…a vermin situation over here in Room 59…”

I stepped into the hallway continuing to hop up and down, from foot to foot while my students tried to make sense of my comments (and obvious lack of good dance moves). “Vermin problem? What does that mean?” a few students asked. I declined to comment, encouraging students to remain in their seats.

Minutes later, our trusty custodian bravely entered the room, mouse-catching contraption in hand. I ushered students into the classroom next door, begging the custodian not to hurt him…to give him a change to survive in the field beside the school. He promised and closed the door.

Too quickly he reopened the door, grim faced and I knew.

The poor mouse never made it outside into the crisp, fall morning air or the fields of freedom lying just outside of my classroom… Sadly, it was too late for him. He had died.

In my classroom.