Daily Archives: March 4, 2018

To Flag or Not To Flag…


A picture can say a thousand

This one alone represents a much
needed girl’s afternoon…

One filled with laughter and chit chat, exploring
new places, pilfering through
antique shops and country

When we happened upon this
walkway in downtown
Oswego. It was a little bit different
than ones we are used to.

Normally, when you wait to
cross the street, you might
push the button on the
light pole indicating that there is
someone waiting to cross. You would wait for the light to change and the crosswalk to turn white indicating that it was then safe to cross. Of course, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you could always try to cross just by looking both ways for cars….

Downtown Oswego, though, does things a little differently. When people arrive at a cross walk, you are expected to take a flag and CROSS THE STREET WAVING IT AS YOU GO! And, once you have reached the other side of the street, you are expected to thank the driver for waiting. Seriously. There is a list of rules for crossing the street. The flag is a must. Waving it. As you cross.

This would not fly in Chicago…where streets tend to be a bit more threatening and crosswalks more like a game of “Risk.”

I desperately wanted to keep a flag as a souvenir of this interesting discovery… I tried to convince my friend Jessica that this flag was a necessity for us to bring back… That we should give in to the rebellious streak inside of us. But, alas, she refused to participate and I sit here typing this…flagless.