Daily Archives: March 3, 2018

That Kid’s Workshop Saturday Morning Life…


Saturday mornings for most are a slower pace…more relaxed.

Leisurely waking up as the sunlight begins to creep in through the window curtains. The trickle of simmering water filtering through the coffee pot. Rich aromas begin to pervade the house.

Most roll out of bed… stretch and head to the kitchen to fill their cups with rich coffee. Begin preparing a relaxing breakfast- pancakes and sausage or maybe omelettes. Its Saturday…no need to rush.

Lounging around…playing with pets neglected during the week’s activities. Light cleaning or laying on the couch- Netflix shows to catch up on.  Sweet relief.

Saturday mornings for most are slower paced…


My Saturday mornings tend to be quite a bit more fast paced…

Jolting out of bed as my alarm blares through my room, rushing out the door to make it on time to my second job…hair, make up, a protein bar for the car…no time to sit and eat!

Rushing through the swishing doors, punching in, and hurrying from one end of the store to the other…inhaling the tart scents of fertilizer and lumber as I direct high school volunteers on how to get things set up in time.

The pitter-patter of little feet running, thump-thumping on the concrete floors…armed with orange aprons splattered with paint stains, mom’s and dad’s, smiling faces with eyes bright with excitement. “We’re here for kid’s workshop! What are we making today?” I hear over and over again…little voices shrieking in joy.

There is no time for lounging around. There is paint to fill and kits to distribute. Certificates to sign and finished projects to bag. Three year olds to talk to…my favorite part.

Instead of cleaning to my favorite music or lounging around watching Netflix, I am listening to the sweet sounds of kids giggling with their parents…hammers pounding into the wood by kiddos rocking safety glasses (this may be just the cutest thing you EVER did see), running around trying to make sure everything is running smoothly.

My Saturday morning might be a bit more fast faced…but it is one I can’t help but enjoy.