I Never Got To Say Goodbye…


I never got to say goodbye…

To see her smile once more.
A smile that reached her eyes,
made them twinkle and shine.

I never got to say goodbye…

To hear her melodic voice
fill my ears once more,
brighten my day, even if her’s
was not going so great.

I never got to say goodbye…

To a soul that cared so much
for others, snuggled under 
blankets, sporting her CP Bulldogs
shirt with pride.

I never got to say goodbye…

To a fighter,
a girl who carried so much

strength within her, whose
optimism never faltered.

I never got to say goodbye…

To my daily Snapchat buddy,
quick snippets of her day to share,

makeovers with her best friend, 
cakes she baked filled with love,
eating- her favorite hobby,
selfies in the car with her mom 
heading home from trips to the hospital.
Always a smile pervading her face. 


I never got to say goodbye…

Before she slipped away.
To tell her how much I loved her,
to tell her what a hero she was to me.

I never got to say…goodbye. 


13 responses »

  1. While you may not have been able to tell her – she still knew that you felt all of these things for her. You were there for her physically and emotionally. You were her teacher. She knew that.

  2. You are a hero to that girl. That cap and gown. Those daily snaps. She will forever be know as a warrior, and you, a hero in her life. This piece is powerful. I applaud your strength in getting it written!

  3. She knew. You made the most difficult time in that girl’s life so much better! Such a powerful piece, a piece that should be shared, not just with us, but possibly with her family. It takes a lot to put your feelings in words on paper for everyone to read, thank you for trusting us!

  4. There is no doubt that she knew. Your actions again and again showed her. This is beautifully heartbreaking. You capture so much here. Hugs lady!

  5. What a beautiful message to leave for this person. Your words are so lovely, that I feel like they’re evidence of how she must’ve known about the place she held in your heart.

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