March is HERE!!!


I feel each year, March arrives with a BANG! It sneaks up…January seems to go on and on and on and on while February passes by in the blink of an eye.

It’s almost here…

The whispers in the school hallways are a sign…”Are you going to do it?” “Eh, maybe…” “Why? Are you going to try it this year?” can be heard.

It’s almost here…

The inevitable email is sent announcing what we already know. Follow ups asking for additional information or scheduling early morning meetings- bribing us teachers with carbs to show up to learn more.

It’s almost here…

Assistant Superintendents begin to corner teachers… hallways and meetings are no longer safe…

It’s almost here…

Every excuse comes to mind:
-I’m too busy, I have papers to grade and engaging lessons to design…friends who expect me to come and play trivia on Wednesday nights, my nieces who I just cannot seem to get enough of.
-My sweet fur baby, Frankie the cat, needs my attention each night when I finally arrive home. I would just hate for her to feel ignored as I click clack away on my computer.
– I should probably spend my free time at the gym…spring is almost here
– Writing can be hard

And then suddenly, without warning…

Its here…

And I find myself faithfully signed up for my 5th year of the March Slice of Life Challenge. Maybe this will be the year I can proudly say I sliced each and every day!





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  1. It is so fantastic that you have a community of teachers writing with you! I work in a really small elementary school and I’m the only one doing it this year. Maybe next year, I’ll get more teachers in on it. Good luck!!

  2. No ‘maybes’ about it, you WILL slice every day!!! You can do it!! I mean, if all your slices are as good as your first, you are set! I’m excited to see what else you have to share!

  3. I can hear the buzz in the hallways! Such great imagery! I’m glad that you got cornered! Your writing is always inspiring! Can’t wait for more! Happy March!

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