Birthday Surprise…


I knew my then 7th graders (8th graders now) were up to something…

A secret notebook rotating throughout the classroom (“Its not a love note, we promise, Ms. Geijer!”)…

Sly glances at one another across the classrooms- smirks and head tilts with an occasional nod…

Shared whispers in the hallway, the lunchroom, my classroom that would instantly stop upon entering within hearing distance…Whispers of “Shhhhhh she’s coming” could be heard milling about for quite a few weeks…

My teacher radar was up….

One day, I was sternly instructed not too come in too early the next day… “We have something we are doing for you… if you get here early you’ll ruin the surprise.”

So I obliged… and strolled through the school doors a little later than normal. Upon observing my classroom shades pulled down and my room blacked out, I was instantly on guard.

I slowly unlocked my door and swung it open and….


Hit in the face with a confetti gun… Balloons encompassed the classroom floor. Banners posted wishing me a most happy birthday. Pictures of our class together. Selfies taken on field trips and at school functions plastered across the board and wall. Flowers and cupcakes sitting on my desk. Streamers from floor to ceiling…

An agenda was posted on the board…the students had planned out the day in honor of my birthday…

Showered with handmade cards, letters, and notes, my students took a day that I was not looking forward to (I hate birthdays…I refuse to age!!!!) and made it so very, very special…

A birthday surprise that I will absolutely never forget… from students who have wormed their way into my hearts and taken homage for good.

I am on very lucky teacher… ❤


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  1. Awww such a sweet gift from some wonderful students. That just shows how fabulous a teacher you are, that they would take all that time to make your day special! I really enjoyed reading this Slice, I felt like I was in the room with you! Your students are very lucky as well!

  2. Aww…this slice warmed my heart. You certainly are blessed to have such thoughtful and loving students. You must make quite the impact on them. Sounds like a fantastic way to spend your birthday at school! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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