An Arranged Marriage…


As a junior high teacher, I have the great privilege of having  a large majority of the same kids both in 7th and 8th grade…which I love! I love that I already know so much about who they are as people, their strengths and struggles, the bonds that we have built.

My students seem to love this as well.

Some, even so much that they want me to become part of their family…literally.

One of my students, Alexis, is obsessed with the idea of me becoming her aunt, or as as she calls me, Tia (aunt is Spanish).

She has it all planned out. A “random” meeting here at school- she’ll just happen to bring him along on a field trip as a chaperone or need him to accompany her up to school one day…

Next, is a first date. Possibly a blind date if her stealthy plans for us to meet haven’t quite worked out. Chipotle of course.

From there, we will date for one year before the unexpected happens…a proposal (where of course I’d say yes!)…

Followed by a wedding…Which I’ve recently learned she’s already hard at work planning… Apparently colors have been chosen, flowers, and a date. Now, I’m not quite sure about of the details, but Alexis promises to let me know as it approaches (hints of a spring or early summer wedding were made)…

And then, a few years later, a few children we would have- little nieces and nephews for my new “big” niece, Alexis, to babysit.

She has it all planned out…

She has shared this idea with anyone, and everyone, who would listen…our classroom, her mom and dad (who support her in this crazy quest), fellow teachers, and even her uncle.

She is quite motivated to make this happen…

She has it all planned out… literally!

alexis comic


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  1. So…when are you going out with her uncle? You have to at least meet him. What if she is right and he is your One True Love? At the very least you’d get a Chipotle dinner out of it. If he doesn’t take her advice and show up in your classroom one day with flowers, then we’ll know it was never meant to be. (This would make a great movie!)

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