Oh, Mom…


I think my mom may be having a slight mid-life crisis…

She has set up Facebook. “Samantha, did you see I have TWELVE friends now?!? How many friends do YOU have?!”

Oh, Mom…

She downloaded Instagram. “Samantha, how do you set up this Insta App Thingy…And what am I supposed to do?!”

Oh, Mom…

She purchased a motorcycle. A silver Harley that she rides complete with Harley Davidson leather pants and jacket… ” Samantha, do you see how COOL I look on my new bike?”

Oh, Mom…

She has downloaded Snapchat… Now, mind you, she doesn’t quite know how to use it, but hey, she HAS it (she wants everyone to know)… “Samantha, can you send me that link on Snapchat instead of through text?”   Ummm…no?

Oh, Mom…

But her biggest struggle lately, now that she has a new phone, is emoticons. Those tricky little faces are causing some serious strife as she strongly believes that the laughing-so-hard-you’re-crying- emoticon is actually the sobbing-because-I’m-so-sad emoticon. “Samantha, I just don’t understand why your sister is so mad at me. She accused me of LAUGHING at her…I would never do that!” After careful explanation, and modeling of the two DIFFERENT emoticons, she still couldn’t tell the difference…

Oh, Mom…

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  1. Oh mom! Love that repeating line! Your mom is adorable. But don’t be too hard on her because one day your future child will have a few ‘Oh mom’ stories to share!

  2. “Oh mom!” I love this! I just wrote a similar piece on Sunday about my dad and technology! And I’m pretty sure I used the same sentiment – “Oh dad!” I think it’s funny…until I realize that, one day, I might be the one my kids are saying, “Oh mom!” to! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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