My Heart is Full…


My heart is full… when I hear the pitter-pattering of feet running across the slick hard wood my girlsfloors hurrying to greet me at the door…when the sweet sound of toddler babble comes to a halt and I hear, “Auntie Sammy is here!!!!” as they greet me at the door. When I hear their giggles radiating through the room at whatever “silly” thing I’ve done, their sister babble back and forth…


My heart is full… when I see my bright eyed nieces, three of them, to be exact. Their beautiful, hazel eyes bright with excitement. Giant smiles pervading their faces as their little hands wrap around my fingers…


My heart is full… when I cuddle my 11 month old niece, Sloane, and inhale her sweet, baby smell. A mix of baby wash, formula, and detergent. When I snuggle with Emersyn as she crawls on my lap wanting to cuddle, her head leaning back against my shoulder. When tucking Eisley into bed and smell the calming oils diffused into her room…


My heart is full… when playing with my nieces- feeling them crawling on top of me as they try to tackle me and take me down… as we chase one another through the house playing tickle monster and I feel their little hands trying to tickle my belly. When we snuggle up at night to read bedtime stories and their little arms link around my neck begging for another hug, or a “squeeze” as Emersyn calls them now…


My heart is full… when I hear them say, “I love you, Auntie Sammy.”


I never knew how full my heart could be….

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  1. Your post nearly made me cry! I became an aunt for the first time 6 weeks ago, and I could not love my niece more. She lives in another state, but I get to see her at the end of the month!

    What an adorable picture of those girls! It sounds like you are someone they can really look up to. 🙂

  2. I believe being an aunt is the most wonderful relationship in the world–and it sounds like you know that as well! It is a magical time, especially when the kiddos are young. I love your picture as well!

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