Strength Is…


Strength is… a beautiful 13 year old girl, an eighth grader, with her whole future ahead of her.

Strength is… facing her worst fear- that the weight loss, fatigue, and stomach pains- were cancer.

Strength is…  going to battle, fighting. HARD.

Strength is… sharing her news with her friends. Letting them in on her battle, letting them help her battle.

Strength is… coming up to school. She has been out for a good part of the year… has kept to herself, has been hidden from sight.

Strength is… becoming comfortable with the loss of her hair. Whipping off her dark purple winter hat, showing her beautiful, bald head to the word. So confident. Smiling so big.

Strength is… working with me, almost everyday, to keep up with school. Asking questions, reading and writing, asking for bits and pieces of school news. Missing us, missing her world.

Strength is… fighting through the nausea from daily chemo and radiation treatments, sometimes giving in shortly to take a nap- to rest a bit- before facing those side effects head on once more.

Strength is… not giving up. Each and every single day. No matter how sore her body aches, how nauseous the medicine makes her, how bad she misses her friends and the normal her life once was.

Strength is… that she will beat this thing…this cancer.

Strength is… a beautiful 13 year old girl, an eighth grader, with her whole future ahead of her.

Write. Share. Give.



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  1. This piece…this perfect, beautiful tribute to a warrior! I just love everything about this piece! She is a fighter with an amazing support system in her corner!!!!

  2. Oh, Samantha. What a sweet tribute to our beautiful student. Your words clearly show that working with this young lady is building you up with strength! Isn’t it amazing how a young girl can do that for the adults around her?!

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