Just One of Those Days…


Today, has just been one of those days…

Woke up…exhausted.

Contacts? Nope…not cooperating- my too sleepy eyes just did not want to accept a foreign body into them today. Eyes blood shot and scratchy, rejecting the contacts forced in.

The drive to school? Frustrating… the fast lane we all love so much? Welp, I guess it has turned into the slow lane…for cars going UNDER the speed limit. And as for other drivers…I guess they were exhausted today, too, as I was almost side-swiped TWICE…I’m glad I was paying attention.

My head? Pounding…Excedrin Migraine could not kick in quick enough!

My students? Frustrating… Work untouched from the last few days, every excuse in the book. That poor, poor tree I murdered today  making additional copies…

My classroom? A mess…a big, hunking mess… just too much for my poor OCD self to take in today. Papers- everywhere. Desks- crooked and out of place. Garbage- overflowing. Carpet- tracked with dirt. Books- disheveled on the shelves. Sigh. Just talking about the messiness is causing me to break out in hives…

Me as a result? Totally, and completely, cranky.

Today, has just been one of those days…

Write. Share. Give.


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  1. I love your use of questions – I might try that if it’s ok! It kept me reading, wanting to know the answers to the. Tomorrow will look better! Give yourself one thing that was positive today and one thing to look forward to tomorrow. And try to get some rest – life is exhausting!

  2. I am sorry that your day was so frustrating. Well, your day may have been a wreck, but your re telling of it was awesome! Love the structure of this slice!

  3. I feel ya! February vacation was a working vacation for me so along with all the other “little things” I am in desperate need of some good solid time off. Hope your days get better!

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