Daily Archives: March 7, 2017



The sounds of snoring pervades the ultra quiet computer lab…disrupting the subtle sounds of fingers click clacking away on computer keyboards.

Several students look over and snicker, distracted for a quick moment from the ever exciting test they are currently taking to see who is the culprit behind the snoring…

A young man with his head still up, facing the key board…eyes struggling to stay open and focus… head starting to tilt forward. I quickly head his way, pausing from my millionth lap around the room, and kneel down beside him.

Gentle hands tap him on the shoulder…”Everything okay over here?” “Ugh, Ms. Geijer- this test is killing me today! I didn’t sleep well last night and its so warm…I’m sorry,” murmured the student apologetically.

I totally understood…the warm computer lab, the humming lullaby of the computers, the not so exciting test immediately after lunch. It was even making me ready for  nap!

A quick pep talk and a drink of water- and my guy was back in his seat, ready to refocus as best he could.

Poor kids….PARCC testing is never any fun…for anyone!


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