Daily Archives: March 6, 2017

The Vet…


frankieI have spent more time at the vet in the last few months, than I have in my entire life. And, as I’m typing this, I am here yet again. This time, while also battling a touch of the stomach flu…not the greatest combination!

My poor furbaby, Frankie, has not had the best of luck so far in 2017.

Flashback to December, where my sweet little cat began to act out- hissing, biting, constant crying. Quite a change from my cuddly, social little buddy. After quite a bit of heistyness, we headed to the vet where she was diagnosed with colitis.


Medications were prescribed, liquid of course. The kind where you have to hold down a squirming, crying cat and shoot medicine down her throat. So traumatizing…for us both.

That quickly ran out…and her symptoms came back. Hence, another trip to the vet. Vet trips are traumatizing…How can stand to listen to a crying cat in the car for thirty minutes?!

News meds were prescribed, along with new food. Insanely expensive new food. And because her new meds were a powder and needed to be given twice a day, I was also swindled into buying the expensive prescription wet food, too.


And here we are, yet again. This time, we are here to have stitches removed…a follow up appointment. See, my sweet, energetic furbuddy had somehow entangled herself somewhere in my home two weeks ago. Fur…ripped out. Her neck…sliced open. Right through the top layer.


Insert a crying me, driving at insane speeds to race to the vet, only to have her rushed out of my arms to be prepped for surgery. “We need to clean and close the wound immediately. We will need to cut out the surrounding skin. Frankie will have to go under anesthesia and will have to stay and recover over night,” her too calm vet told me.

Insert me- overly emotional. Bawling my eyes out in the parking lot, freaking out, checking my phone every five minutes- waiting to hear from the vet that she was awake, that she was awake after her procedure- the whole way home.

My house had never been more lonely without her there…

So here we are, back at the vet again. This time, to get stitches removed and her wound examined… to make sure her wound is healing well and there is no infection. To follow up on her colitis issues. Some tests to be run…

I should be at school, with my students or at least laying on the couch at home (being sick is no fun). But here I am, at the vet, yet again…

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