Daily Archives: March 5, 2017

Sundays are..


Sundays are… for slower mornings, deep relaxing breaths. Feet pulled up from the floor, tucked safely on the couch, sore from working two jobs. Lazy breakfasts while to do lists are formed, snuggling with my cat Frankie, who has missed me all week.

Sundays are… for cleaning house. Tackling the chores that have remained untouched the last few days- dishes to wash, light dusting to be done, floors to be washed.

Sundays are… for busier afternoons. For grocery shopping. Restocking the fridge for the week, prepping healthy meals for school lunches, planning dinners out for the week. Battling the crowds of shoppers, who all had the same idea. Cart jammed aisles, tired parents clucking after their children as they grab from the shelves, standing in long lines at the checkout. Running errands that need to be done, visiting Target (my favorite place on earth).

Sundays are… for lunching with friends. Catching up on the last few weeks, chatting about our current lives, enjoying the gossip and insight that is shared.

Sundays are… for quieter evenings. For playing catch up. Laundry to be washed and dried, folded and returned to its home, ready to take on the new week.  There are papers to grade, students words and perspectives to take in and consider, lesson plans for the week to be done.

Sundays are… for grilling out. Breaking out the grill to enjoy some slightly warmer weather. Less clean up, less dishes to wash, quicker clean up, tastier food.

Sundays are… for early nights. A little TV watching, catching up on a show or two.Unwinding from the busy day, relaxing in my freshly cleaned house. Off to bed to be ready to tackle a new week, a fresh week.

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