Daily Archives: March 4, 2017



One of my closest friends and I have become workout buddies…

From track workouts behind one of our schools- lunging, squat shuffling, running…hating each and every step along the way.

To Swallows Cliff… the local “Mountain” that everyone seems to love…tackling 135 large, uneven, granite steps (14 stories in all)… swiftly, well, for the first half at least. Trudging heavily up the second half, breathing hard, mentally questioning our sanity with each, heavy step until we gloriously reached the top- only to gasp for air and guzzle down water…only to repeat.

Until one day, something better came along…

Recently, I had seen one of my friends on Facebook posting post after post of her in a kickboxing studio…I had taken a class in high school and loved it! Seeing these pictures and videos, sent me into serious stalking mode to learn more about this place…ILoveKickboxing (ILKB).

I quickly bought a few classes for us and we signed up to take our first class. After being greeted enthusiastically at the door, a quick tour, and a FAQ session, we started our workout.


If we thought Swallows Cliff was hard, the first 15 minutes of this workout put that to shame…nonstop cardio/strengthening exercises boot camp style, a quick water break, only to be followed up with 7 bag rounds involving punches, front kicks, roundhouse kicks, and partner sparing. All nonstop. No breaks. One round right after the other.


Dripping in sweat, we were hooked. The energy, the enthusiasm- not just from the awesome instructors who make each class so fun, but also the other members, had sold us. We signed up on the spot and have been loving to hate our workout ever since!

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