No, I am NOT Pregnant!!!


Jr. high kids can be the very best… They can be sweet and understanding, full of excitement and life…a fresh of fresh air when they share their perspective of the world.

Jr. high kids put on a tough bravado- they’re “all grown”- men and women (ehh…not quite)…and while they might think that to be true, I secretly love that they still need me- a sympathetic and understanding ear, someone to vent to when things just don’t seem fair, a warm hug to know they’re safe and loved…

Jr. high kids CAN be the very best…

They can also be KIND OF the worst…

Jr. high kids just don’t seem to think before they speak. Like today, for instance…this morning as my lovely 7th graders wandered excitedly into the room- going through our daily routine, settling in for an exciting block-

A hand flies up. A hand that is frequently flying through the air- needing to share a silly thought or story before she can settle in for the day to focus. A character in our classroom-  one who you never quite know what to expect (a characteristic I admire in this student…most days).

I smile at her and nod my head, encouraging her to share her thought/question of the day… already cracking up inside of my head, just knowing that what she has to share will be a hoot…

And then she said it…

“Ms. Geijer, are you pregnant?!”

“Umm…what…why…?” I stuttered, my face turning bright red, surprised and taken a bit aback by the question.

Instantly I look down, thinking, “Ummm do I look pregnant? I weighed in this morning (biggest loser at our school of course)…I’ve lost weight! My pants are slightly too big now!!!”

And then, because there can never be JUST ONE unexpected comment, I hear…

“Don’t worry Ms. Geijer. We won’t tell anyone. You can barely notice- you’re just beginning to show!”

Without missing a beat, “I am NOT pregnant!” I declared- standing my ground, arms crossed, my face beat red,”And that is NOT polite.”

But of course, because they’re Jr. high kids, the end of the day brought in a fresh wave of very curious, and excited, students rushing at me- wanting to know…”Ms. Geijer, are you really pregnant?”


Needless to say, I definitely did not miss my kickboxing class this evening…

Write. Share. Give.




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  1. I love your comparison in this one! Most days they are the best, but they have no filter!
    This slice has me chuckling throughout (probably because I know that students lack of filter so well!)

  2. Ha ha ha. I mean, it’s not funny… but… your ending. Ha ha ha!

    I love junior high kids. And I’m sure you look fabulous, don’t listen to them. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this very real piece of writing with us today!

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