“No, Dada!”


I may be biased, but I am convinced that I have the two sweetest, most adorable nieces on the planet. They can do no wrong in my book…

My sister Kelli and poor brother-in-law Chris, on the other hand, might not agree so much.

Little Miss Emersyn is rapidly approaching her third birthday and has developed such a distinct personality. She knows what she wants, what she doesn’t want, and how passionately to ask (or demand) for it. She has a certain “sass” that rivals her mother’s sass as a child.

Recently, she has settled into this  phase of “No, Dada…”

As her father enters her room to tuck her in at night, he is ordered out of the room with a scrunched up face, pointed index finger, and a stern command of “No, Dada!”

As he picks her up to kiss and hug her good-bye before leaving for work, she claps one hand over her mouth and passionately, with the other, moves her dad’s head the opposite direction muffling a cry of “No, Dada!”

Helping her get dressed…out of the question!

Preparing her lunch? No way!

Dropping her off at preschool… nope!

Calling her by her nickname love bug…nope- “Dada is a bug, not me!”

Unfortunately for Dada, it seems as if he has been kicked to the curb…at least for the time being. Hopefully, this sassy “No, Dada!” phase ends soon…I’m not sure his ego can handle too much more, “No, Dada!”



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