Twenty-One Years Ago…


Twenty-one years ago today, you entered this world- red faced and chubby cheeks. Ousting me from my position as the “baby” of the family…a position I held in high regards for almost 8 years.

You joined our family as a ball of feistiness- from running around on your chubby little legs full of “rolls,” to learning the word “NO!”- a word that has always been your favorite, even now.

Running around the backyard playing with your little boyfriend, Nick, you were fearless and brave- sliding down the tallest (of toddler) slides, swinging so high in your swing- your giggles floating through the air…up and down, up and down…

You grew up into a pint sized nugget- full of sass and emotion. You knew exactly what you wanted, or didn’t want to be more exact. You were strong and passionate- a lover of school, and friends, and following your big sisters around.

As big sisters, we of course loved having you around. You were our “get out of jail free” card so to speak- when we may have done something wrong. From broken vases or trinkets to bright red Kool-Aid spilled on brand new cream carpeting… you were blamed. Hey, can you blame us? As the baby, you could do no wrong (and frankly, we spent enough time grounded as it was)!

Even in our sisterly fights, you came in handy. You were a human shield- “You can’t pinch me, I’m holding the baby…”- you were an instant safety net. This worked until you were a good five or six years old and much too heavy to hold anymore.

You entered your teenage years with a fierceness hard to label and energy that would few else could have…Independent and determined-wanting help from no one. You embraced what was thrown your way- life definitely had its ups and downs. You made mistakes…and learned…and made a few more along the way- but have grown into a bright young lady who has seemed to finally found their way.

Twenty-one years ago, you entered the world. Today, you are twenty-one. Officially an adult. To me,though, you will always be my red faced, chubby cheeked, feisty, human shield of a little sister.

Twenty- one or not, you’re still a little kid to me.

Happy Birthday, Emmie! xoxo


me and em


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  1. Super sweet slice! I love the human shield line. I am the baby in my family and it’s always neat to read the point of view of you older sisters. 🙂

  2. Feisty must run in the family! My sister and I are 10 years apart. She is my best friend. I remember say to my mom.” what do you need another baby for, you have me”…..glad she did.

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your little sister! I have two sisters, fourteen years older, and nine years older. So grateful for both of them. I wonder if I was their human shield.

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