March Is…


March is… long awaited with such anticipation. Hints of spring begin to dot the air- sunshine begins to peak through the dreary cloud laced sky and bright green stems begin to break through the damp earth.

March is… filled with warmer temperatures. People begin heading outside- time to clean up the yard, chase the kids around the park, joggers and bikers begin dotting the roads as they avoid the overcrowded and much too warm gyms.

March is… filled with excitement and the start of my Girls on the Run season…my FAVORITE time of year!

March is… filled with 12 nervous, 9 year old girls ready to conquer a new challenge- running their very first 5k race. Ready to overcome their fears, to overcome their insecurities, to find out what strong young ladies they truly are.

March is…filled with new friends being made, giggles and smiles, teamwork and inspiration, “you’ve got this” and “Keep up the hard work!”

March is…filled with new beginnings and exciting fresh starts. Long awaited and filled with such anticipation as a new spring begins.

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