Oh, Target!


There is no place I love more than Target…

The way the doors swish open as I approach…as if they were waiting just for me…

The aroma of the sweet smell of Starbucks…drawing me in…calling my name…

The aisles and aisles of merchandise, as far as the eye can see…

The clothing, home goods, jewelry, and furniture draw me in…

Capture my attention and take hold…forcing me to lose track of time…

Days turn into night…my sunglasses no longer needed when I exit…

My bank account significantly lighter than when the trip first began…

As I succumb to the magic that Target holds over me…

A sweet addiction that I am not willing to overcome just yet…

13 responses »

  1. Oh, how you have spoken to my soul!
    I love this!

    I love Target and Starbucks!

    But my new favorite place to tour and spend my money is at a home decor warehouse store called: “At Home”. It is wonderful! It is my sweet addiction.

  2. It’s the bins at the entrance that always draw me in. Just a dollar? I’ll take two, oh what’s over here and here? Target does have a certain appeal that you can’t get at Walmart.

  3. Oh man! I LOVE Target! Living abroad is usually fun and exciting, but I can honestly say that one major drawback is that there is no Target. I’ll just have to wait til July when I go home.

  4. I ventured out of the house today under supervision and the first place I wanted to go… Target. 🙂 I could sleep for a day now, but it was nice to go home. Lol

  5. I will go to Target with no purchase in mind, just to walk around and see if I can find something I don’t need, but want. I love that you wrote such a great Slice about something so simple and fun.

  6. This made me want to make a quick stop at Target on the way home. However, we all know that there is no such thing. Thank you for sharing this piece and capturing many of my thoughts while in my favorite place to shop!

  7. mmmm. this target post makes me smile as I read through so many target truths. I can almost hear the angels singing when I read the first line stating that the doors open just for you!:)

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