The Good Old Days…


As a kid, my older sister Kelli and I would wait for Friday afternoon to come with such anticipation. Forever watching the ticking hands of the clock, the day would seem to drag on, and on, and on….

Finally, the bell would ring and we would be headed home- our eyes bright with excitement as we rushed off the bus, eager to arrive home, load up the car, and be on our way to our favorite place in the world…

Marseilles Campground…

Here, our parents had a seasonal spot… our pop-up camper was nestled among hundreds of year old oak, pine, and spruce trees…pine cones and sap covered needles littered the ground, an old tire swing moved gently across the ravine in the “back yard.”

We had the perfect spot. Quiet and secluded in a cul-de-sac surrounded by strangers that later became close friends… A giant bonfire pit in the center of the circle- perfect for  relaxing nights and catching up with neighbors.

It was here, where my sister and I received our first real taste of freedom. We knew everyone in the campground- everyone had been there for years- and as such, my parents allowed us to wander.

We would team up with our neighboring friends and chase one another through the park, race our bikes up and down the paths through the woods built exclusively for golf cart rides (and prayed we didn’t get run over)…We created  “haunted woods” and charged other campers to walk through, swung over the ravine on a knotted tired swing, and built sandcastles on the beach…

Saturday nights were nights spent as a community- bingo in the great hall, a giant bonfire roasting marshmallows and listening to live music, fish frys, and scary camp stories.

These were the nights we treasured. Spent together as a family, nestled in the woods- away from t.v. and distractions, work and school, enjoying one another’s company…spending time together as a family…the good old days…



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  1. We are not hard core campers. We pamper ourselves by renting a cabin because my husband can not handle the heat or the bugs. I still question whether he truly grew up in India. But the time we spend there together is the best.

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