Daily Archives: March 6, 2016

Where I’m From…


I am from books,
from Harry Potter and Little Women
I am from the smells of Sunday brunch
pervading the house each Sunday morning.
I am from the pear tree and towering evergreens in the backyard
(sweet scents of decaying fruit and sap covered pine cones littering the ground).

I’m from Christmas cookies and braces,
From Wanda and Scott.
I’m from the knowledge seekers and chatty Cathys,
the clean your room and I love you’s.
I’m from Saturday CCD and church mass on the holidays.

I’m from Janet and Walter’s branch,
kielbasa and pierogis.
From the decision my grandparents made to leave Poland for America,
The dedication and hard work of my mother to provide.
In the basement was my grandpa’s chest of drawers,
old pictures, treasures, memories to revisit when hearts healed,
and moments begin to fade away.

I am from these moments-
rich in love and hope,
family and friends,
snippets of the beginning of my family tree.

Don’t Cry Over Lost Glasses