Pulling a Geijer…


“Geijerisms” or “Pulling a Geijer” are phrases often heard around my classroom. Affectionately coined by  my 8th grade students (who are currently helping write this piece), they often refer to  moments that may lack common sense.

Initially, these phrases were developed as a result of what I like to call, “blonde moments.” For instance, the time I lost my car…with a co-worker…in a parking garage downtown. Or the time I received not one, but two tickets from the local police department…I wasn’t even in the car…and my students were able to watch the WHOLE thing go down courtesy of our classroom windows facing the parking lot . Or the time I tripped and injured myself at my part-time job. Of course I had to share what happened with my students, after all, I WAS slightly injured. And there was that one time, when I hurt my back and neck…getting out of bed…and was forced to take a few days off of work to get readjusted at the chiropractor…

I should clarify…I am an intelligent individual who may have had a few embarrassing moments along the way…Hey…I can’t help it if I have poor balance, or am easily excited about attending teaching conventions that I “forget” to pay attention to where I parked. In all fairness, my co-worker “forgot” where we were parked, too!

Now, I find myself hearing my lovely 8th grade students referring to other people’s less than perfect moments as “pulling a Geijer…” I’m not sure whether to feel insulted, or flattered, that my name is being used to describe such moments throughout the day.

I choose to believe the latter….

Don’t Cry Over Lost Glasses






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  1. It’s all in our own perceptions, isn’t it? I think it’s kind of cute that they are doing this. Teaching 8th grade, I know that they could be much less forgiving, so be flattered and enjoy silliness that comes from “pulling a Geijer”. Who knows, you could pull it out when they have their own less than perfect moments?? 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this awesome slice with us!

  2. Good choice – choosing to believe good stuff about them using your name that way! And, by the way, I had to re-read the part about attending teaching (noun) conventions (noun) because i thought you said you were excited about teaching (verb) conventions (grammar)! How funny is that? The mind goes where the mind goes. I wondered, has she lost it? Is she Peggy Allan all of a sudden?! LOL.

    • Carrie,
      I absolutely died of laughter reading your comment! I don’t think ANYONE can get as excited about grammar and conventions as Peggy! She is a rare breed! 🙂

  3. Lets not forget the several Fridays you hung out with me in the parking lot while our friendly local law enforcers attempted to force their way into my very locked car! That’s a true friend!

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