Auntie Time


em and eisley1

I am so blessed to be the Auntie of my two beautiful, sweet nieces Emersyn and Eisley.

Nothing warms my heart more than when I walk through the door of my sister’s house and am bombarded by the sounds of tiny, padded feet running across the slick hardwood floors giggling excitedly. “Auntie Sammy here…” Emersyn squeals jumping up and down as I take my shoes off and walk in the door.

Their little arms find their way around my legs, giants smiles light up their faces, as they yell, “Come pay (play) wit us!” They drag me into the living room, stumbling over Lego blocks, baby dolls, and plastic food that litters the carpet. We spend our time cooking pretend food, making baby doll’s talk, singing along to Elsa, tickle fights, and whipping tears away as toys are ripped from little hands yelling, “No, Eisley, that’s MY toy!”

I love spending each and every minute with these two little nuggets…but my favorite part, is when I get to tuck them into bed at night. Snuggled into their pajamas, we climb into Emersyn’s big girl bed, surrounded by piles of books (they take after their Auntie that way…) and cuddle together- reading,  teaching Eisley to turn the pages, giggling at the silly characters, and sharing “I love you’s…”

Tiny arms wrapping themselves around my neck as we finish our books and snuggle into bed- making sure that our covers are tucked in just right and all of our night time friends (and binkies for Eisley) are within reach- melt my heart.

There is nothing better than Auntie time with these two little girls…





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  1. Being an aunt is amazing, but there is something about that word Auntie! Those little “nuggets” are so lucky to have an auntie that is so loving and willingly spends time with them. If only we could let them be little for a while longer!

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