Round Three…


I knew it was coming…

I have been hearing about it  for weeks…multiple emails popping up among the clutter of everyday business, random visitors popping into the classroom to confirm, a Wednesday morning breakfast to kick things off…

And here I sit, just now realizing the date, and that it is time to slice again!

This is my third year…returning with the hopes of being successful! I have started off so strong each time- thinking back to my childhood, slicing about the goings on of my day, words of wisdom from my students- only to quickly become distracted by life and fail to slice each day.

But I’m here again… refocused and recommitted to slicing each and everyday.

So here we go again…round three…





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  1. I’m looking forward to hearing how your month progresses! This is my first time and I’m nervous! Glad to see you’re back to try again. It seems a little overwhelming but I know it will be worth it!

  2. All of those darned reminders!! I’ve got 92% excitement with 8% nerves going right now. By mid March those numbers will probably be reversed…but we keep on pushing! Yay!!

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