Score…Happy Sunday to Me!!!


I dread getting my taxes done…absolutely dread it. I have this persistent fear that I am going to owe a ton of money…that I don’t have…to the government (mind you, I’ve never actually owed ANYTHING to the government). Not only that, but I despise the fact that it costs me $140 for 5 minutes of my accountant’s time…seriously? $140 for 5 minutes? Maybe I’m in the wrong profession…

So when I came across a coupon for $50 off from a local tax preparation place, I jumped on it. A coupon for my taxes definitely made me wary, but my taxes are pretty easy to do and impossible to mess up (unless I’m doing them), so I figured why not try them once and see… and I’m glad I did! The accountant preparing my taxes was happy to inform me of some type of teacher special. Now, me not knowing anything about anything related to taxes just assumed that he was talking about the $250 tax credit that teachers routinely got…until the end. As I handed him my coupon, he laughed and told me that my taxes were filed for free since I was a teacher! Apparently, for two weeks every March, they choose to honor teachers by filing their taxes for free…and I just happened to be there the day it ended. Score…Happy Sunday to me!!!

With my “tax filing” payment still sitting safely in my bank account, I happily headed to Target (my version of heaven) and headed to the sports area. And made a purchase that I had been battling back in forth in my mind trying to justify it’s purchase (especially since my phone does the same thing) and finally did it…I bought myself a Fitbit which means I can now join my coworkers in their weekly challenges. I wonder if I can write off this purchase next year as a work expense…


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  1. Your story made me smile! Good for you! Awesome that you were in the right place at the right time! What a great idea to reward yourself with something to help keep you healthy! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  2. Score! It was your lucky day! And since you spent the money on something to improve your health, you’ll have good karma now and more good things will come your way!

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