Wisdom of a 12 year old


Our students have a lot to teach us daily…if we just take the time to listen. Really listen…

“Love yourself a little bit more today than you did yesterday,” is a quote one of my insightful, and strong, students chose to write about today.

She shared with the class that this quote really spoke to her…that she has a lot in her life that she could dwell on and let bring her down. She no longer lives with her parents, but rather her aunt and grandma – it wasn’t safe for her to stay with her mom. That she could let this define her (yes, her words…not mine), but that she doesn’t.
She chooses to wake up everyday and be greatful for the people she does have there for her, that are on her side. She chooses to focus on having a strong group of friends that she can turn to, an aunt that treats her like her own daughter, that she is loved.

She shared that this quote reminded her to each day focus on the good aspects…the good parts of her life. And that we should all, too.

So powerful from the mouth of a twelve year old…

Our students have so much to teach us if we just take the time to listen…really listen. I’m glad I did.


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