Maybe Tomorrow…


Welp…it’s finally hit me….Its been going around. Several people I know have encountered it, and have now passed it on to me…

The dreaded writer’s block.

I’ve been brainstorming all day…with my kids…with one of my friends while conquering the stairs at Swallows Cliff…my trainer at the gym. And nothing came to mind. Nada. Zilch.

I could write about some of the interesting things my students said today…like how one asked, “Ms. Geijer, do other countries refer to us as Europeans?” “Ummm…nope. Europeans are people who live in Europe. We live in America…hence Americans.” Her reply…”Oh. So what do they call people from the country of North America?” I instructed her to complete some research on the classroom iPad as I scratched my head and emailed her social studies teacher. Oh boy!

I could write about the crazies at the gym today. It never fails, when I work out with my trainer Barry, we seem to spend the entire time hunched over in laughter…The guy in the velour track suit with the mullet…the guy who walked past my trainer and smacked him on the butt (my trainer had no clue who the guy was), the teenager jamming out to his “air” guitar in between sets, the older woman wearing white see through shorts, inappropriate black crop top, and bright blue eye shadow with Farrah Fawcett hair…never a dull moment.

I’ll keep brainstorming…Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have something better to write about!


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  1. I got such a picture of the gym from your list style, “I could write about….” Very cool.
    I often kind of topic skim rant style when I don’t feel like I can settle into a good sustained piece.
    However, you don’t have writer’s block. Evidence is that you wrote words down on the page.

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