Peace out, Dreadmill!


Last night, I turned off my alarm clock. I decided that my poor, tired teacher body could use ONE day where I wasn’t jostled out of a perfect sleep by the shrill beeping of my alarm clock. I normally like to set it early to beat the “rush” of the crazies at the gym…I despise having to stare down people who decide that its perfectly alright to stand at a machine, or a treadmill, and just chat with their friends… “Umm…excuse me? I’m trying to get skinny. Please move out of my way!”

So as I pulled into the over crowed parking lot this morning…late… and headed inside, I was perfectly annoyed before I even dropped off my things. Every treadmill was taken. Want to go on an elliptical? Get in line! Wanted to do those machines over there? Sorry, the guys with big muscles are using it to hold their gym bags. Ugh…so annoyed.

So after getting in a quick arm workout, and seeing the upstairs “cardio” area was still full (I’m pretty sure more calories were being burned talking, than running), I grabbed my stuff and headed to the trails near my house. I pulled into a full lot (sigh), I laced up my running shoes, turned on “map my run” and headed out…into perfect bliss.

Not a person in sight. Bright, clear, blue sky. Perfect running temperature..58…fantastic! I cranked up my music and took off. The first mile was fantastic…great pace, much better views than the inevitable guys smiling at themselves in the mirror at the gym as they flexed.

And than it turned to sand. Wet sand. Sand that was still frozen in some spots. Sand that clung to the bottoms of my shoes. Sand that send me slipping and sliding in every which way. Sand that made it nearly impossible to keep running.

Did I have to stop and walk a bit? Sure did! Did the wet sand slow me down? Yup! Did I run as fast as I would have on the dry, flat treadmill? Nope! Did I enjoy my run outside more than the “dreadmill” despite the wet sand and ice slick spots? Absolutely! The beautiful river, the chirping of the birds, and the amazing weather definitely made my run today so much more enjoyable than the overcrowded and much too warm gym.

After the views from today, I doubt the treadmill and I will be spending too much more time together. I’ve got these gorgeous views to continue to check out!



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  1. “Umm…excuse me? I’m trying to get skinny. – Great line that made me laugh. Love it! I could just picture the crowded, warm gym scene – great description. I am glad you chose to go outside and run – much better option. There is nothing like it! Good slice!

  2. You go girl. I’m inspired! Truly, I don’t know how people have the will power to drag themselves to the gym…You are so right on about outdoors. Nothing beats it. Now, I need to get out there!

  3. I don’t know how you were able to hold your tongue and not share your irritation with those rude people. I’m glad I’ve never had that situation. While I’m not as consistent with my pace and speed outside as I am on the treadmill, I much prefer being outside, too. Enjoy!

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