Endless Cycle



I watch you ignore all of the guidance you’ve been given…the help offered to you without falter.


As I watch you treat the people closest to you, who love you, as if they are strangers…unimportant…people you can just brush off.


You have so much potential…yet, you just don’t care…choose to let it go to waste.


At the mess you have created for yourself…the hold you’ve dug yourself into…the fact, that you just don’t care.


At the pain you cost your family, your mom…making her question her parenting, her guidance, that she didn’t “do it right.”


That after so many years, so many fights, so many worries, so many battles….that nothing has changed.


That you take no ownership of your choices…lie, make up stories.


That you just. don’t. care.


10 responses »

  1. I can relate to this essay! I hope one day that person (and I think I know who) realizes how childish she is before kids are grown and lack of family memories are made!

  2. I feel your frustration throughout this piece- it’s heartbreaking because your love for this person is so evident and your heart is so loving!

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