Just one of those days…


Today, was just one of those days. You know the one…where nothing seems to go just right. No matter what you do, how prepared you (think) you are, or how fast you move, you just can’t get it right. Well, that way my morning.

– I woke up in a fog..this time change is just KICKING. MY. BUTT!
– I stubbed my toe on the door…major ouch!
– My dryer stopped working…and my dress pants for work were still wet.
– I spilled orange juice all over my freshly washed kitchen floor.
– And my keys…well, they were NOWHERE to be found!

– Finally out the door, (on time surprisingly) only to realize my car was low on gas.
– I dropped my cell phone under my car at the gas station…lucky me got to crawl around on the ground to reach it. Sigh.
– Finally, made it to the highway in one piece…with cell phone in hand (still on time, I might add, only to receive the beeping I’ve grown to dread…

– Beep…beep…Aghh…the accident alert setting of my phone was going off…Fingers crossed, I looked, hoping that it was nothing…nope, definitely not that lucky today.
– An hour and forty-five minutes later, I finally arrived to school…20 minutes late (thankful for first period plan!), frazzled and stressed, rushing round to get situated for my sub, to head off to administer the PARCC (now also, battling the onset of a massive headache)…

– And then my day took a turn for the better…thanks to some amazing people I’m lucky enough to work with.
*My sub, was already here and jumped in to help me get settled (she was amazing)!
*My wonderful AP, Kelly, and Dean, Katie,  knew I was running late and had stepped in to get the computer lab set up for my testing kiddos…score! They also stayed to help me get tickets passed out, everyone settled (including myself), before heading out. What a help they were to me!

My day may have just started off as one of those days…but I’m so lucky that I work with people who are so willing to help out when needed, that it has only taken a turn for the better! Hopefully, I will not have one of these “days” again anytime soon!


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