Glass Half Full…Day One


Today, I chose to focus on the good…to find something positive to fuel my day rather than the normal, and not so normal, annoyances that usually prevail.

– I chose to embrace the thick veiled fog that made my 45 minute commute to work slightly more difficult, and focus instead on the beautiful pink sunrise that graced the horizon line (I bet you thought I was going to complain…didn’t you!?).

– I chose to embrace administering my first PARCC test, rather than freaking out (Kelly, don’t rat me out!), I chose to focus on the success and smoothly executed test one that was accomplished-thanks to much help from admin and other teachers.

I chose to embrace the loss of an hour of sleep this morning…yes, I was a little tired, but did I mention the gorgeous sunrise I had the luck to watch as I drove? Or the extra hour of sunlight that graced our afternoon that, along with the slightly warmer weather, made me pretend it was spring out? Seriously…open your windows…you can smell spring! It’s just around the corner!

– I chose to embrace a hectic unit of instruction that has encompassed all of my free time and introduce a novel to my students on the topic we will be studying…they begged me not to stop reading…Teacher win right there!

-I chose to embrace the hatred I felt towards my trainer this afternoon as he made me do my least favorite exercise and push myself just past the minimum he had set for me…backward lunges into a forward kick all while balancing a weighted bar on my shoulders…I showed you who was boss!

As I type and reflect back on all of the positives, rather than the negatives, that graced my day, I find myself more at peace…less stressed…happier. And we all know a happy teacher makes for the most positive days for our kiddos!


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  1. Good for you! It’s tough to do so sometimes, but it sure makes life easier. I like that you used many examples and my favorite part was when you said the kids begged you not to stop reading. How awesome! Teacher win for sure! Keep up the positive attitude! 🙂

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