Formerly known as Rockett


The Geijer family has never been able to walk into a pet store or animal shelter and walk back out with empty hands…we’ve never been able to “just look.”   Dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, bunnies, etc…my childhood was a revolving door of furry friends.

So it was no surprise that out shopping with my mom one day turned into a trip to the local humane society. I had my heart set on adopting a baby kitten and my mom was eager to help (she thinks she’s some kind of “animal whisperer”).

Upon entering the cat room, I was instantly drawn to three orange tabby kittens…rolling around their cage play fighting. My mom, on the other hand, was more interested in a feisty 9 month old tortis shell named Rockett…she was busy attacking my mom through her cage…purring all the while. I could see she had won my mom over already as she hunted to find a volunteer to let her out of her cage.

My mom begged me to consider adopting her…”she loves me already. I just know she’s a good one.” And than the volunteer started sharing Rockett’s story with us…how she was given up to a kill shelter…the owners wanted her put down…even though she was just a kitten. The volunteer left us to play, and this skinny ball of fur soon captured my heart (I HATED that my mom was right)…her purring just sitting on my lap, crawling up my arm and cuddling into my shoulder, and following me around when I stood to walk out of the room. How could I possibly say no?

With her refusing to leave my warm arms,  the decision was made. She was coming home with me…as Frankie… as a member of the Geijer family.



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  1. I love that story! She is absolutely adorable and a very fortunate cat to have found you. I laughed how your mom was ‘right.’ Your ending surprised me – I thought your mom was going home with her! Great slice – enjoy Frankie!

  2. “Rockett” makes me think of “Rockette” and I’m picturing your little-purrer doing precision high-kicks with friends. There’s a lot to be said for shelter names–they must come across thousands of animals. My Nina (dog) was originally Carlene. One of my Cabbage Patch dolls was originally Babbette-Lilly. I thought it special that she should get two names… Cheers to a life saved, or I guess nine-lives saved! And shout-out to your mom. 🙂

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