I Notice…


I notice…

the person you have become this year…more mature, more responsible, more aware of your potential

I notice…

when you quietly pick up that students books and politely held them out to her…last year you would have just walked past

I notice…

the kindness you show everyone in our class…you may not be friends with everyone, but this year, you show so much respect

I notice…

how much effort you’ve been putting forth in class…all of the work you’ve completed, double and triple checking to make sure it is done just right

I notice…

the smile that lights up your face when you have that “aha” moment as that challenge becomes a challenge no more

I notice…

that school and your education has become more important to you this year…you strive to be successful…to do your best

I notice…

that you are starting to believe in yourself…almost as much as I believe in you

I notice…

that I become more proud of you with each passing day…and that you are becoming proud of yourself, too

I notice…

this amazing young man you have become…I only hope you are noticing how amazing you are, too!


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