Anything is Possible!


Today has been my favorite day of the year for the last five years. It is the day where nervous young girls, fifth graders to be exact, hesitantly step into my classroom after school…nervous, scared, and questioning themselves. “Can I do this?” “Will I be able to finish?” “What if I have to walk?” “What if…what if…what if…” Their hesitant footsteps and unsure smiles are what I am looking forward to most today…because today is the start of our Girls on the Run season… today these girls learn that anything is possible.

They learn…

– To become more confident with who they are as a person…inside and out
-To  learn how to handle peer pressure- inside and outside of the classroom

-To have a safe place to share….their hopes, dreams, and fears
– To meet new kids from other classrooms and build friendships
– To conquer what seems impossible
– To learn healthy habits…eating and exercise
– To run their first 5k race…and successfully finish 

I love everything about this program. The inspiration that these girls learn through running. The “aha” moments they have as they sit in a circle sharing their days…their struggles…their successes. The leadership skills they develop and bring with them to their classrooms…the kindness, compassion, gratitude, and encouragement they give forth.

Through running, these girls learn to set goals, face challenges head on, and achieve successes. They learn that its okay to have set backs, but what is important, is how they react to the situation…their ability to come back, try again, and not give up. This program teaches girls…inspires girls…shows them what “strong like a girl” truly means. This is what I look forward to sharing with them the most. That anything is possible!


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  1. What a great Slice about such a rewarding program! I love that running becomes more than just a physical activity!

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