An Impulsive Choice


Every year for lent, I try to give up something that I really love. In past years, my go to sacrifice was giving up pop. At the time, I was clearly addicted. The savory taste…the popping bubbles in my mouth…the crisp sound of the can opening… I couldn’t get enough…hence the need to try. After doing this for many years, I kicked the habit. I no longer drink pop- the taste reminds me of cough syrup and the hiccup inducing carbonation no longer makes my mouth water. With this bad habit kicked to the curb, I knew it was time to tackle another.

Fast food…Fried food.

For forty days, I declared that I would not eat ANY fast food and fried food. And for the first few weeks…I’ve been kicking butt! No cravings…no temptations.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday was not my best day. After staying to redo a bulletin board in my classroom, and make room for our classroom March Slices, I left late…and hungry. Knowing I had at least a 45 minute ride home, and my stomach growling, I gave in. I ate fast food. I’m not proud of it…the salty fries and over cooked chicken nuggets may have calmed my hunger pains, but boy oh boy did they make me feel SO guilty.

And today I am not only feeling guilt, but a bad stomach ache to remind me of my bad choice made impulsively the night before. So today…today I am re-dedicating myself to my mission…no fast food or fried food until Sunday, April 5th. After this stomach ache though, I may not ever eat it again!!!


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  1. I believe that life is a big do over – and I embrace the idea of yet – you are on a journey and it’s our failures that give way to great insights next time will be different (pack a granola bar in the car and a water bottle for next time). You’re amazing keep it simple and keep it focused on your goals.

  2. Good for you for re-dedicating. Of course, it’s much easier when your body is screaming at you to stay away from that stuff!

    You might want to throw some granola bars in the glove compartment so you have something to nibble on if…heck…when you end up staying late again.

  3. Sounds like you might still have a little love for pop, to be honest. 🙂

    Don’t beat yourself up – forget the guilt. This is why we end up quitting our healthy habits – because beat ourselves up with guilt. Forget it. You’re back on track now, that’s all that matters.

  4. Ah, temptation…I have given up soda for Lent this year for the first time (also addicted), and stumbling on this piece was more than a bit tempting! Love your description and dedication! Good luck for the next 31 days (but who’s counting?)!

  5. I keep trying to cut this habit, but it keeps coming back…always when I’m in a hurry and haven’t prepared ahead of time or am feeling out of sorts. I now keep snack bags of nuts in purse at all times, so at least it gives me another option to not go the guilty route.

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