“Can we write with you?”


Last year, I entered into this challenge eager to write for 31 days. I was excited, nervous, full of anticipation…but, unfortunately, life got in the way and I failed to complete the challenge. Days filled with teaching, coaching, and packing up my life into boxes consumed my free time and this SOL challenge was all but forgotten.

This year, as March approached, I was excited for a “redo”. A new opportunity to challenge myself, and perhaps my students. As I started talking about the March writing challenge with my students, their excitement and interest flared. They had so many questions…”What can you write about?”  “Do you really have to write for all 31 days?” “Can you show us how to set up our own blogs?” “Can we write with you?!”

“Can we write with you?”…such a simple questions that made my teacher heart fill with joy.

So now, not only am I completing this 31 day challenge, but so are my students. My students, who have already informed me, that if I will be checking in their writing everyday to hold them accountable, will be checking in on my writing, too. I guess I have no choice now but to write for the next 31 days…if my students can do it, I can do it, too!

Slice of Life March Writing Challenge!


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  1. I share in your excitement and fear in my first mission on this challenge. My students are also along for the ride, so I wish you all luck and I can’t wait to read how your journey goes.

  2. My students are joining me also. Last year they kept me accountable, and I expect nothing less again this year. In the end, it’s very rewarding for all of us!

  3. I’m glad you’re giving it another try! That, alone, sends a powerful message to your students. Also, yes, “Can I write with you?” is music to a teacher’s ears. What a wonderful role model you are being for them!

  4. Oh how I love this! The simple question….their interest in writing alongside you is inspiring! I hope to sneak in to see their brilliant minds at work! And I can’t wait to read 30 more of your slices:)

  5. I can relate to the start of this piece! Feeling optimistic right now! Looking forward to reading your slices!

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