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Frosting on the Cake


Frosting on the Cake

The sound of sweet giggles filled the air as two small arms flailed excitedly up and down. Emerysn’s hazel eyes lit up as the giant pink and yellow frosted cake bearing the number one was set before her. The clear, plastic cover protecting the cake was removed and before the blink of an eye, mini hands were tearing into the cake. Frosting covered her chubby, baby cheeks, dying her hands and arms a bright pink and cake crumbled to the ground as it missed her cooing mouth. Pink and yellow fingerprints soon covered every spare inch of the once white high chair and the once round cake, became a flattened mess.

Slowly, Emersyn’s excitement turned to tears as the birthday girl rubbed frosting into her eyes, her hair, and onto her clothes and soon the little one was headed for a nap…after many pictures were snapped to savor the memory forever.

Before we knew it the birthday party was over, just as quickly as the last year has flown watching Emersyn grow into a bright and curious one year old. Sharing this additional moment with her was just the frosting on the cake.