Pay Attention…


I am constantly reminding my students to pay attention…

Pay attention… to the lessons I teach you. Education is a necessity…take advantage.
Pay attention… to the words you say. Words carry meaning and can break or make a persons’ day.
Pay attention… to the changes in the world around you. Watch the news and be informed.
Pay attention… to everything and anything happening around you. You can never notice too much!

But, in reality, my students pay more attention to me… which may, or may not, be such a great thing.

They pay attention to my hair. Umm Ms. Geijer, did you know your hair is turning gray?
   -Yup…thanks for pointing that out to me. I spent 20 minutes trying to hide that patch, so glad you noticed.

They pay attention to my clothes. Didn’t you wear that outfit LAST week? You need to go shopping!
Clearly I need to make a list to keep better track. They certainly are.

They pay attention to my make up. Ms. Geijer, don’t you think you have a little too much blush on?
   – Sigh…
I don’t have any on, but thanks for noticing my foundation is slacking. I’ll be sure to put an extra layer on tomorrow.

They notice if I change up my make up. Umm Ms. Geijer, you look REALLY tired today. Did you not get enough sleep?
– Nope. I slept great, but thanks for telling me I’m not looking my best.

And they pay attention to any changes I make. You GOT BANGS? You look different. Not good different, not bad different, just different…
Awesome. Thanks for the unsolicited critique of my hair. I happened to think it looked good, but thanks for letting me know how          wrong I was.

They pay attention to everything I do and say…and most days I appreciate this. It means they really do listen to me when I am teaching or offering advice and care what I have to say. But some days, I wish they’d pay attention to me just a little less. I guess I should be careful what I wish for!




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  1. Oh kids say the darndest things!!! This had me laughing so hard. I thought it was going to go in a totally different direction, and then the kids turned the tables…oh the joys of teenagers! Excellent Slice:)

  2. Love the backhanded compliments… “You look different. Not good different. Not bad different…” and the “REALLY tired,” Hilarious. I know exactly what you mean. Fun read. So true. I wish they could always apply those observant, analytic skills to their studies.

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